Carer's Assessments

If you are a carer who needs for support, you are entitled to have a Carer’s Assessment under the Care Act. The Carer’s Assessment looks at your needs as a carer, including the impact of caring on your wellbeing, your health, your feelings about caring, your willingness/ability to continue caring, access to work, education and training, relationships, housing and what would happen in an emergency. The person you support can also ask for a Needs Assessment of their needs - see our Get Support page for more information. 

Ask for a Carer's Assessment

In Croydon, Carer’s Assessments are commissioned (contracted out) by the council to a number of voluntary organisations. To ask for a Carer’s Assessment if you care for an adult in Croydon, contact Help for Carerson 020 8663 5664 or email

Parent carers of a disabled child or young person can receive a Carer's Assessment from the Croydon 0-25 SEND Team on 020 8726 6400. Your needs as a parent carer should also be taken into consideration in any assessment of your child's needs. For an assessment of a carer aged under 18, please contact Young Carers Project on 020 8649 9339, option 2 or email  

Top tips to prepare for your Carer's Assessment

Here are some top tips to help you prepare for your assessment:

1. Keep a diary of the needs of the person you support, as well as your caring responsibilities. Try to include everything, no matter how small it may seem.
2. Think about what you would like to achieve in your life. For example, you might want to pursue a hobby or return to work.
3. Think about which tasks you would most like help with. Put these in order of priority.
4. Would adaptations to the home, or an item of equipment, make caring easier or safer?
5. Think about the impact caring on your physical and mental wellbeing. Do you feel more tired, stressed or isolated?
6. Is your caring role making it more difficult to pursue your work, study or leisure interests?
7. How is your family life affected by your caring role?
8. Do you want to continue in your caring role? If so, would you like to do less?
9. Think about what would happen in an emergency. Who would look after the person you care for?

After your assessment

If you are assessed as having eligible support needs that aren't being met, according to the national eligibility criteria, you will receive support after your Carer's Assessment. This may take the form of a direct support service or a direct payment to spend on meeting your eligible support needs. Please be aware that if you receive respite (replacement care for the person you care for to give you a break) after your Carer’s Assessment, the person you care for will be financially assessed for their ability to pay for support. 

More information

Carers UK has a handy guide for carers with more detailed information on your Carer's Assessment: Assessments and the Care Act

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